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  • Blend your own reality

    Blend your own reality is our slogan and true to that. We want to mix and blend different roots, influences and styles to create new aspects and views. To blend involves eagerness and breaks with every day colors and attitudes - suspends the monotonic uniform.
    blndd. is there - here and now offering bespoke - design, objects, interior design, living consulting, retail aestetic consultancy, event concept and design.


    Blended is a company for contemporary design, interiors, architecture and art, which is in constant interaction with the zeitgeist, artists, architects, designers and contributors.
    Our goal is to design, create objects and furniture that tell a story of design interacting with every day life. To make you think about what you actually see, hold and interact with. Designs which are created because they have a meaning and purpose behind them - the relationship between human beings, everyday life and experience. Things we see and live with daily, pollution, forms, targets, war, fear, happiness, love, hope - all this and much more comes down to the creation and design / placement of our products - resulting from the constant flow of ideas and brought to form and daylight as they come - but isolate our design ideas and creative flow by breaking down the interior design driven palettes and creating unique perceptions for standalone designs and objects, all in harmony to coexist with current interiors and spaces.


    Classic Collection

    All objects, products and designs made by blndd. - produced by partners and collaborators selected by blndd., to suit our ethos.

    Artist's Collection

    We aim to connect art with design, art with the everyday, contemporising everyday life. Design becomes art, art becomes design - in a world of urbanization - it is important to blend. There are no boundaries to the urban feel and blndd. is one more intelligent and contemporary walk into the ocean of design. Combining and mixing contemporary design in all aspects, whether it be interior, architecture, art, street art, classic art and tattoo art and more. Guest artist's will be invited by blndd. to enhance the array on offer and this collection will only be available in our online store or at selected events.

    Limited Editions

    These are the jubilee collections - for blndd. designs of the classic collection.

    Luxury Selections

    Unique and single designs - bespoke and produced to brief & request by customers adhering to each individuals style & aesthetic.


    This is based on submissions from up and coming and established artists. Such as photographers, designers, artists, architects, club-owners, city hunters, graphic artists. The contributors are a visual hypothesis or bank of creative imagery broken down into reports or visionary stories inspired by everyday interior design, urban life & it's tools. 


    Blndd. is committed to Switzerland and works exclusively with Swiss partners.
    All products are made and crafted in Switzerland and are of very high quality.

    blndd. - blend your own reality. Our enemy of choice is ignorance towards design, our weapon of choice is design, our crime of choice is breaking and challenging whatever styles you need to put in place to stop us from celebrating design.

    Design will never stop, the heartbeat will never fade.

    Design will never end! blend it!


    Kosta Stathakis
    Owner / Designer

    Tobias Zimmermann
    Associate Partner

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